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The PAHTAT tool aims to analyze astronomical mid-infrared spectra containing PAH emission. It uses spectral templates that were derived from observations.
Tool access

* mMass_updated

mMass_updated is a modified version ofmMass| with new functionalities such as double bond equivalent calculation and separation into families of compounds (compatible with 64-bit MacOS). More
Tool access planned in 2022

* Qchitool

QChITool is a web application for easy extraction of information from the log files of some quantum chemistry calculations, and import in the theoretical PAH database. More
Tool access (restricted use of the tool to add data to the PAH database)

* cosmicPAHmfit

cosmicPAHmfit provides a multi-component spectral fit and a graphical interface to derive area-weighed peak position and width of selected infrared features. More
Tool access planned in 2022

* AIBsimulator

The AIBsimulator is a simulator for a fast calculation of the emission of a given PAH in a given radiation field. The synthetic spectra are based on theoretical and experimental molecular data. More

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