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The main part of the activities are related to laboratory astrophysics in order to provide molecular data on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and related species of astrophysical interest, as well as tools to analyze astronomical data. More specifically, we cover the following topics:

* Spectroscopy

- Evolution of infrared spectra with temperature. Simulations of the astronomical Aromatic IR Bands.

- UV/visible spectroscopy. Link with the interstellar extinction curve.

* Photophysics in isolated environments

- UV-VUV photodissociation and photoionization.

- Competition with radiative cooling.

- Model of the evolution of PAHs in astrophysical environments.

* Mass spectrometry analysis

- Characterization of the molecular content of cosmic dust analogues and meteoritic samples.

8-O These activities are supported by the Nanocosmos ERC Synergy project (G.A. 610256) and CNES (ID 5830). 8-O

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