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The experimental information that we gather comes mainly from the following experimental setups:

- PIRENEA, 'Piège à Ions pour la Recherche et l’Étude de Nouvelles Espèces Astrochimiques', is a cryogenic Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer dedicated to astrochemistry.

- ESPOIRS, 'Etudes Spectroscopiques des Propriétés Optiques dans l’InfraRouge et le Submillimétrique d’analogues de grains interstellaires', is a Fourier transform vacuum infrared spectrometer dedicated to the study of the optical properties of analogs of interstellar grains in the infrared and submillimeter range.

- AROMA, Aromatic Research of Organics with Molecular Analyzer, is a molecular analyzer that combines laser desorption ionization with ion trapping and mass spectrometry.

- PIRENEA 2 is an upgrade of the PIRENEA setup that combines sources of cosmic dust analogues with cryogenic trapping to study the interaction of relevant species with photons and gas under interstellar conditions.

- Others: our team is also using facilities on light sources in particular those available at the DESIRS VUV beamline at SOLEIL and at the FELIX free electron laser.

For the theoretical calculations we rely on internal resources (work stations and local clusters) and high performance calculators: CINECA and CALMIP.

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