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Scientific team

IRAP, Université Toulouse 3 / CNRS / CNES: C. Joblin, K. Demyk, H. Sabbah, D. Toublanc, O. Berné – OAC, INAF, Cagliari, Italy: G. Mulas – LCPQ, Université Toulouse 3 / CNRS: A. Simon, M. Rapacioli

Technical team

IRAP and OMP, Université Toulouse 3 / CNRS / CNES: J.M. Glorian, A. Pérignon for the OVGSO team; A. Bonnamy, L. Noguès, D. Murat, O. Coeur-Joly for the laboratory astrophysics team.

Previous contributors

Many people were involved for a limited time in the effort.

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